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  • Fundraising process: Under Joburg Skies Pty Ltd is initiating a major fundraising campaign for the purpose of full project implementation and realization of the concept. Therefore we are looking for corporate sponsors and further funding through governmental departments. For the time being, programmes were financed through private fundings and an initial grant through the Department for Arts & Culture South Africa. Workshops and music productions were run by the founding members who act as strategic planners and project managers. The team is currently assisted by an office manager. With further income and funding, the following positions shall be openManager programs, Office manager, Facility manager, Events and workshop coordinator.
  • Filmed material of the first two live music shows has left post-production and is ready for broadcast. The concept for a new live music series will be presented to South African TV.
  • A short documentary about the initiative is on facebook, presenting our vision and core elements with a behind-the-scenes look and interviews. 
  • Leon Erasmus and noted Yebo! Studios have moved from Newtown into the Under Joburg Skies building. Leon’s rehearsal and recording studio is ready for you now, offering constant quality and services.
  • Artists workshops,
  • seminars and workshop for young talents in filming and post-production,
  • poetry slams and recordings
  • LIVE performance Under Joburg Skies.

Please contact us for a full list of workshops, seminars or community outreach programs, for any questions or if you wish to support the initiative.

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Partnerships and collaborations:
  • With initial funding by the Department for Arts and Culture, we presented the Under Joburg Skies initiative to representatives from governmental departments, city council and international organizations.
  • The first development group of young talented singers has already formed and will continue learning and training under Joburg skies.
  • Legendary guitarist Themba Mokoena and other elder musician mentors have joined the initiative.
  • Plans for a recording and filming studio in the basement floor are in negotiation.
  • Among the established partnerships are: a master class agreement with WITS School of Arts, an association with Leipzig University for Architecture and Social Sciences and learnership programs offered by association with CUHEDE Cultural Trust.



“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

(Nelson Mandela)


Kindly supported by Department of Arts & Culture Partnering with    The WITS School of Arts     University for Architecture & Social Sciences


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