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Leon Erasmus of Yebo! Studios @ Under Joburg Skies about his work:

“I love my job. This is Nozie. She’s about to start her 3rd year Sound Engineering at Damelin. She wanted practical experience and offered to help me in the studio. She’s already setup the rehearsal room and this morning I showed her how to edit and mix on a DAW. She figured out the editing after the first song and did the second (almost!) by herself. Then I showed her how to put sub groups together. The way her face lit up when the mix came magically together… I’ll say it again, I love my job!”
“Working with established and proficient musicians is great but I get more enjoyment when recording new and raw talent. The excitement is contagious and the results are always gratifying. Worked with a lovely local band last night called The Fam.”
“Men of the Past Future Band. Menzi Mbonambi – guitar and vocals, Prince Shapiro – percussion, Kojo – calabash and Lantern Maleka – djembe.”

Leon Erasmus of Yebo! Studios @ Under Joburg Skies · TOMS sponsored gear arrived for Casspar’s band.

Casspar Nyovest Toms gear Under Jovurg Skies

Yebo! Studios @ Under Joburg Skies welcome Casspar Nyovest, rehearsing  for his plan to filling up The Dome, 31 October.

Leon Erasmus Casspar Nyovest Under Joburg Skies

Artists’ Sunday meeting on the roof top venue under Joburg skies Ngari El Hadj Ndong, Nthabiseng Thejane, Toto Bubazane, Ntuthuko Khambule, Sonja Kandels, Johnson Ahiable.

Sonja Kandels choir Under Joburg Skies Sonja Kandels choir Under Joburg Skies 2

Ngari El Hadj Ndong Nthabiseng Thejane Toto Bubazane Ntuthuko Khambule Sonja Kandels Johnson Ahiable

Jazz singer Sonja Kandels to record songs with Themba Mokoena and Denzil Weale at Yebo! Studios @ Under Joburg Skies.

Themba Mokoena Sonja Kandels Denzil Weale Themba Mokoena Sonja Kandels b

Leon Erasmus & his fans

Leon Erasmus Yebo Studios Sonja Kandels

Under Joburg Skies welcomes Leon Erasmus and his Yebo! Studios on the second floor. Leon Erasmus left the Bassline and found a new home, offering the same service, more space and spectacular views from the Under Joburg Skies venue on the roof top.

staging under Joburg skies

The initiative hosted some one hundred guests to present core elements of the Under Joburg Skies project.

Representatives from government departments, city council and international organizations jumped at the chance to experience the first live performance on top of the project’s venue. In the vanguard of winter, a two-hour music show presented by MC Jolene Martin made the audience ignore the cold and strong winds blowing through Bez Valley.

Arranged by musical director Zwai Bala and filmed by film director Zola Maseko, more than 30 South African and international artists performed on the 50 square meter stage, built on the roof top of The LOFT. Sunset over downtown and Hillbrow were the amazing backdrop.

With two musical sets, the initiative presented its commitment for preserving South African heritage, supporting young talents, encouraging intercultural exchange and conducting workshops for artists. Look for yourself:

1st musical set

2nd musical set

meeting the guests

downtown skyline at night

With specials thanks to all behind the scenes who made this possible:

  • Kirstin Schmelzer · for being the Jane of all trades
  • Samuel Julies · for construction, on-site preparations and ideas
  • Willi Thwala · for maintenance and facility management
  • Gerhard van der Merwe · for sound and audio mix, technical supervising
  • Tertius Kurver @ The Sound Corporation · for staging & lighting
  • Telmo Dos Reis @ Pro Capture · for filming and directing 4 cameras, 3 go-pros, drone and video production
  • Sharon @ Sharon Charmz Productions · for photography and behind-the-scenes video 
  • Mika & Nwabisa · for artist make up
  • Giorgio & Helga @ Wines of the World · for wines and beers of the world
  • Nuno & Carla @ Fama Delicacy · for Portuguese delicacies
  • Mandy @ Manz Catering · for flying buffet
  • Etienne @ Rain Productions · for party design
  • Deirdre @ Plant Projects · for cultivating the roof top


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